Week ends of Cultures & Experiences


Contemporary creators open days

Learn contemporary storytelling;
video photography and social media languages

If the constant evolution of visual media inspires you,

and you want to create your of it, 

consider the learning workshop experiences.

Lectures explore topics such as contemporary media, film history and theory,  media languages, and film criticism. 

In hands-on sessions, you’ll learn techniques for shooting and editing video, designing and filming videos contents, 

directing and publishing your projects. Knowledge, tools and experience make the difference.

_ What do you need to bring:

_Your camera/phone, what ever you use to create.



_ Apple Computers 

_ Softwares Adobe 

  (Photoshop/Lightroom/Premiere/After Effects)

_ Photo/Video lights, umbrellas, flashes, ring

_ Cyclorama 6m x 10 x 4m  

_ Colored Backgrounds , Green Screen

_ 330 mq studio


_ History of New Media

_ History of Cinema and Video

_ Multimedia Art Theory

_ Social Media Aesthetics 

_ Semiotics  

_ Audiovisual Languages and Techniques

_ Visual Arts for Video Production 

_ Multimedia Design 

_ Video Direction 

_ Vlogging 

_ Photography 

_ Editing & Montage

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