Sustainable fashion: the photographer view

I had the pleasure and the opportunity to discover the sustainable fashion brand Kozii (@koziishop) when I worked with Belvis Soler, director and founder of Luxiders Magazine, a magazine dedicated only to sustainable fashion system. It was 2 years ago and for me it started a special journey.

Photography should not be something personal, "they said" it's a profession, but I am not of this group, photography is always something personal, it's a connection, with the person you shoot, doble way, in and out, it takes time, love, energy, each project, each story it's a journey. I am interested in human being and photography it's an incredible tool to meet souls. So yes, it's personal.

Since I started with photography I've always had this strong feeling to be resilient in what my intuition was screaming inside and to follow it and I have to admit I am persistent when it happens.

When we were planning the shooting of the new campaign of Kozii in the world Amazonia was in fire, Africa was in fire, Europe was in fire, Spain was in fire and Estepona was in fire...a beautiful natural area very close to the studio, just some kilometers.

I slept so badly those days, probably I didn't even spleep really, my instinct was so up and powerful and I couldn't find peace in myself. Alejandro (@ojodecristo) sent me some photos of the place, of the burned forest, and it was clear. We went back to the location together, we took more photos and videos and planned to shoot the new Kozii campaign there.

The day after I texted Cecilia, the designer and owner of Kozii, I told her (with all my passion and determination) that the perfect place to make to shooting was that place, it was the opportunity to bring a message, to take position and raise public awareness using art and beauty, our tools.

I can still remember the smell of the forest. At the beginning my mind went to my memories, camping times with friends but my eyes were seeing such a different scenario.

Nature is crazy beautiful, it's perfect, the feeling I had was so contrasted. I was amazed by the beauty of what I was seeing, those colors, all black, grey with some orange/red spots. My heart was crying for what I was seeing, and my mind was angry for what we were doing to it.

To know more about Kozii sustainable brand, their philosophy and how the make their collection please visit their website

It's beautiful to part of this story.

The lovely team of this production: Kozii Campaign #FW19 @koziishop #sustainablefashionbrand @sofiecox #shot by @irene_sekulic, styled by @sdrstylist #muah @jorgefortesg

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