O Denim I We created the possibility to love fashion with less feel of guilty

O Denim: sustainable denim.

A more sustainable way to love denim but still not compromise with beauty, this is the philosophy of O Denim, a new sustainable fashion brand.

O Denim choose Organic cotton as a wonderful, sustainable choice, which is grown without the use of pesticides.

The brand push for recycling and invited clients to send the denim garments back to them to be recycled for further collections.

We produced the lookbook in the beautiful Marbella, under a never ending sun. Fresh and contemporary, the brand meets the needs of the day offering styled and cool models of denims.

Shot by Irene Sekulic @irene_sekulic

Model: Tia Mallia

Make up: Nicola Mc George

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This is the statement of the brand:

For further info please visit: https://www.theodenim.com/about

We created the possibility to love fashion with less feel of guilty

The company arouse from what the market around us couldn’t provide. We were looking for feminine denims with a natural glow, more luxurious and glamourous washes. We are driven by the passion for denim and the artful outcome that will occure when you truly love the amazing denim fabrics. We are the alternative for the glamorous and fashionable women who wants to look smashing wearing jeans made from organic cotton.

We have created the possibility to love fashion and clothes – with less feeling guilty about nature.


ODENIMs are VEGAN - there are no details of animal content in our products. 

​The growth of conventional cotton is not an environmental friendly process  - This is why we source only more sustainable materials for our products, we search the market for the best available option for each style. Most preferable fabrics are made from recycled materials or organically grown cottons.

Production is made in Turkey – this means closer transport than from for example; Far East.

We also want to make sure non of our jeans ever go to waste - thats why we will recycle our garments once they are worn out. The garments will be recycled into new materials and/or redesigned as something else. The O in ODENIM stands for the closed circle - the loop is our mission. 

Help us close the circle!